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dear spring, you’re pretty great. love, me

April 1, 2009

today is a great nashville day. it is beautiful outside…like that perfect kind of temperature where you can wear sandals and a cardigan and not be too warm or too cold and you either want to sleep outside in a hammock or throw a frisbee in the park or sit outside a coffee shop and read or do all three. today i’m opting for coffee and enjoying one of my nashville favorites, frothy monkey. it has all the old, cozy house, interior brick walls, local art, great coffee, yummy food and music i like and have usually never heard of qualities that make it a favorite.

so this morning i was reading in the first chapter of ephesians and i got to the part where paul is talking about how grateful he is for his adoption. that because God is so loving and merciful and gracious He wants to show us in adopting us and making us whole, something He planned to do since the beginning of time. so i got to thinking about a conversation i had yesterday about the Church. i was telling my friend devin about a family i had met during my training who is currently serving in east asia. one day veronica was telling us about this small house church that had started to come together over the past few months. she said that it’s kind of an odd mix of people because everyone is coming from different backgrounds. even a little bit awkward or maybe uncomfortable at times. this really stuck with me. i love how this family embraced what is happening there even though it isn’t really what they had in mind. they see God at work. they see a bunch of orphans who were adopted by God and are hungry to study the Word and have relationships with other adopted orphans because they love Christ and aren’t being picky about the family they’re a part of.

i want to love the Church like that.

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  1. Christie permalink
    April 2, 2009 2:05 am

    i love this post!!! and i finished 2 Corinthians today and am starting Ephesians tomorrow!

  2. Sarah Holt permalink
    April 8, 2009 8:44 pm

    Keely, I love your heart.

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