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back from the village

June 26, 2009

dumelang friends!

been a while since i last posted. last week i went with our little university ministry team (me, my partner – traci, two batswana – andrew and terry, who just graduated from UB last year but are coming alongside our team to serve in ministry instead of committing to a job right away, and my supervisor) to a village called kang – about 4 hours outside of gaborone. 

months ago God placed a burden on the hearts of a missionary couple and a motswana pastor who are both living in a town called lobatse to travel here and begin sharing the Gospel among the people. months later there is a small group of believers who are being shepherded by God to come together as a church. the great thing is that they are coming together because they are hungry for true fellowship and growth in the Word. they aren’t meeting out of obligation or duty but because they have seen the truth of the Gospel, been changed, and now want to know God and tell others about Christ. but i think church planting is messier than i thought it was before. you know? because when you have people who are meeting together to study the Word and pray and sing, people whose common connection is not their background or family or interests but the work of the Spirit and their passion for the Kingdom of God, its not always the most comfortable thing. but i love it because its real.

pray for the people of kang. pray that those who have heard the Gospel will believe and that God will raise up and strengthen leaders in this small church thats growing. pray for a young woman named dennis who decided to follow Christ last week and is facing the challenge of turning away from the confusion and false doctrines around her. i love her heart. she has a real understanding of the cost of following Christ and is eager to know and study His Word. she has also just had a baby and, as Botswana custom, is unable to leave her home for at least a few months. pray for encouragement and fellowship in her life especially during this time when she is in many ways isolated. pray it will be a time of concentrated study and prayer too. 

also you should know that i have now officially eaten impala and warthog.

lastly, before i go, this is george. we met him in kang too. he tried to eat my hand.


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  1. Laura Allen permalink
    July 1, 2009 3:56 pm

    LOVE GEORGE!!!!!!! We so enjoy hearing about your life and adventures in Africa. When you return home I would love to get a few prints from you. Your pictures tell wonderful stories. Miss ya! The Allen’s

  2. janey permalink
    July 23, 2009 9:18 pm

    Did you know they are prone to having sore throats? I learned this from a bottle cap of Snapple.I love your adventures!

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