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updates are the hardest

August 1, 2009

so i haven’t sent out an update, like email update, in about 2 months. time just sneaks away from ya like that! things here have been the busiest. this last week was orientation week at UB. so all the students are finally on campus and my language learning, exploring phase has kind of given way to a much busier school year schedule. so what’s been going on?

last week we had a 3 day retreat with our team (me, traci, andy, terry, and andrew) and our student leaders (mumbi, lesedi, motsamai, and chiche). the main purpose of this time was to explain and discuss the means, purpose, and mission of sharing the Gospel with students at UB with the end vision of making disciples who make disciples…..

IMG_3148(chiche, andy, terry, lesedi, andrew, motsamai, mumbi, and i on the retreat)

the retreat was great. it was a lot for the leaders to take in for sure – mainly because the focus of the ministry that existed in pieces before was all centered around a program. a friday night event. but now the perspective is to see friday night gatherings with students as only a means to an end. if it flops, then it flops. our purpose is not to maintain a successful event. but while it works, we’re seeing fridays as an opportunity to meet students, to connect with them that we might have a platform to seek them out on campus, spend time with them, in hopes of studying the Bible together and speaking the Gospel into their lives. this process of intentional discipleship is, for most of the student leaders, a new concept. and this can be a very slow work. because it could take a long time to get from the point where students are saying “yeah! let’s hang out!” just to be agreeable or just to have fun to the point where students are genuinely interested in studying the Word and are truly responding to the Gospel. but in some ways the slow, long work is great. it seems more real to me for some reason. because there’s nothing forced about it. it’s not numbers driven or program driven. but it’s about being patient as the Word goes out and God draws people to Himself with true words of the Gospel.

God’s promises about the nature and power of His Kingdom are always encouraging and always true. read isaiah 55…i read it yesterday and it was for sure a reminder of the compassion of God and the life given from His Word.

plus, it’s official. got my resident permit today. i’m legal.

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  1. Meg permalink
    August 1, 2009 6:15 pm

    keelster! so encouraging! i feel like you’re doing young life in Africa! it’s so good…sometimes Jesus is revealed through consistency. i will definitely be praying for those friday nights to open doors!

    you are such an african

  2. August 3, 2009 1:53 am

    well, megan left today. now, you both are gone. :( i no longer have anyone around me who says “jolly” and makes me laugh ’til my sides hurt. :) however, i’m thankful that you are both where He called you to be, obedient to His leading, and building His kingdom around the world. :) plus, i love that my 4 year old knows “Botswana” and “India” because of you two and that he’s already learning to pray for workers. :) love & miss you

  3. Jenn permalink
    August 3, 2009 2:34 am

    I think you should have a celebration for getting your resident permit… with treats and prizes.

    : )

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