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the village of gakuto

August 17, 2009

last sunday i traveled with andrew and andy to gakuto, a smaller village about 30 minutes outside of gabs. in gakuto there is a local church that is struggling and has been in a sense adopted by naledi baptist – the local church i have become a part of here in the city. observation that morning revealed a lack of leadership, direction, autonomy … i think all ultimately sprouting from an unclear picture and understanding of the Gospel among these believers and possibly nonbelievers who are gathering every sunday. it’s a small congregation, only about 15 people. there were no grown men present, only elderly women and youth. most are related in some way. all meeting only once a week, on sunday mornings.

andy, who gave a message from john 3, focused on the Gospel and told the story of nicodemus – how to truly see the kingdom of God one must be born again. after church as we gathered outside to shake hands, a girl approached andy telling him that she wanted to be born again and wanted to know how. now living in africa for 4 months has shown me that in a situation like this, yes, it’s entirely possible that this person truly has a repentant heart is trusting in faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, that God has brought this person from darkness to light, and there is true sincerity there…but it has also shown me that requests and statements like that of this young girl can be made hastily and misinterpreted by assuming that the Gospel, the true Gospel, not one distorted by extra add-ons, is really understood. for this reason there is always a hesitation to lead someone to pray a prayer or something like that, especially in a culture where people sometimes believe there is power in the pastor to save, some kind of power that comes with the prayer of a pastor that one could not have alone (plus i’ll confess, i have a little bias against the whole leading someone in a contrived prayer kind of thing). so andy talked with her and two of her friends who stood by and discussed the meaning of being born again and really encouraged them with the Scriptures…how to become a follower of Christ, how to ask God for forgiveness, how to confess faith, and how none of those things rely on the action or words of a pastor. 

before we left he really encouraged these girls to read the Word, to find Truth there and not in the opinions of man, also telling them to really reflect on the things they discussed. what gets me is that these girls are hungry to study the bible. they are asking for help. they want to know God’s Word but struggle in knowing how to begin. they are sincere and willing to be taught, yet have no one stepping up to teach them. we’re going back this sunday. and this week we are praying for guidance and wisdom, for God to lead us in where we go from here now that we’ve seen what we’ve seen and heard what we’ve heard. i would love to begin studying the Word with these girls. i would love even more to take terry along with me every week and model our study of the Word alongside her because even that would open up huge opportunities as i continue to take part in discipling her and pointing her to the Gospel. but i am asking God to lead here first and give direction before canonballing into what seems to be this great need. i only want to be obedient and am wondering this week what that will look like in the village of gakuto. would definitely appreciate your prayers…

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    August 19, 2009 7:10 pm


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    August 20, 2009 6:18 pm

    Whats Gabs?

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