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the courtyard

January 16, 2010

for the first time ever i have my own garden. my apartment has a tiny private courtyard in the back with just about a 2 foot space all around this brick wall for planting. gardening is a little intimidating to me but i decided having green in my life was a must. plus extra bonus – free herbs to cook with. so i found some plants i like, bought some worm castings and planted. then things started to not do so well. blooms that were on the plants when i bought them kinda died big time and fell off. but everyone kept telling me just to wait….waiting…waiting…

then this week, bloom extravaganza. it was awesome. so here are some shots straight from my very own little garden space – that is now complete with my hammock that i finally got up a few days ago. if yall don’t own an eno hammock, i highly recommend them. come winter, i will live in that thing…

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  1. Hannah permalink
    January 19, 2010 2:21 pm

    i love these little flowers and your apparent green thumb, yet another thing to be contributed to our future living situation! (i’ll have to come up with something to contribute myself apparently) love

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