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why running in africa beats running in the states any day

April 7, 2010

today on our run, lisa led us to an area near their house called ledumang. its off-the-beaten-path-ness shows when the pavement turns to muddy dirt roads and all around you are the open, gateless cement housing structures so common to areas that are more impoverished than others.

suddenly we hear feet. running feet. we look behind us to see a whole team of little boys running towards us. it was awesome. straight up a flying V. they decided it was a pretty good idea to keep with us so they stayed for the whole run, without shoes, guiding us away from potential dog attacks, laughing and teaching us how to say “i don’t like dogs” in setswana. i’m slightly paranoid of a dog attack mid-run. i’ve heard horror stories.

best run ever.

another reason running here is better? last week on our run we saw springbok leaping past us through a field, ran within feet of baboons, and got chased by a monkey. a monkey.

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