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August 14, 2010

there are things that have gladly become routine after living here for over a year. things like drinking black coffee rather than soy with whip white mochas. weekly pizza nights with pizza made from scratch. whole wheat pancakes made from scratch. everything made from scratch. paying for cell phone minutes as you need them. staying in your car while someone else pumps your gas and occasionally offers you a free orange. being a member of many families. having a slower pace of life. driving on the left side of the road. driving a manual. being a minority.

pretty great.

this saturday routine : french press, strawberries, whole wheat pancakes + “lazy afternoon” playlist

thanks, shawna for this simple pancake recipe. ps: shawna is the master of camping cookery. i hope to one day learn from her wisdom and gain the skill of baking a YUM pineapple upside down cake in the middle of the bush with one pot and coals from a fire. that is skill.

shawna’s whole wheat pancakes

in a medium bowl combine: 1 egg, beaten/2 tbsp oil/1 cup milk/half tsp vanilla

in a small bowl combine: 1 cup whole wheat flour/1 tsp baking powder/half tsp salt/1 tbsp sugar/half tsp baking soda

add dry ingredients to wet ingredients, mixing well. makes 3-4 servings.

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