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thank you, george lucas

August 15, 2010

you guys remember andrew, right? he’s basically my motswana brother. he graduated a couple years ago from UB and is now leading much of our ministry here. well, a few weeks ago laura and i decided to make a master list of all the movies that andrew has never seen that he absolutely must. movies like the lord of the rings trilogy, indiana jones, ET, etc…the classics, you know?

maybe the best idea ever.

because this weekend we kicked off our movie watching quest with star wars: a new hope. seeing star wars with an african who is seeing it for the first time is a whole new experience. especially with one who laughs…a lot. i’m telling you – there is no better way to see these films. when leia called chewbacca a big walking carpet i thought andrew was gonna stop breathing.

“do you realize that carpet nearly killed me with laughter??”

wait until andrew sees yoda and the ewoks…

any suggestions for our movie list?

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