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summer thirst quenchers

August 27, 2010

summer love #3: smoothies and lemonade

yesterday i made my inaugural summer smoothie! it was quite a moment. when summer gets going here i pretty much drink smoothies every day. they are so refreshing, full of good things and sooo yummy. for a long time i always made smoothies with ice. i’m not really sure why. maybe to add the extra chill? or the extra liquid? i don’t know…but i was always a little let down by the hint of a watered-down taste. so to my excitement i learned a tip last summer to keep the smoothie healthy (ice cream-less) and tasty (water-less).

the frozen juice box.

why have i never thought of this before?! you guys probably know about this already, but this revolutionized my smoothie making. you just buy some juice boxes, stick them in the freezer and then when you have a smoothie craving, add your frozen juice box + fresh fruit + yogurt and get a cool summer treat that’s full of good things for you and super tasty too. plus how cute is that strawberry from my backyard?

now, smoothies are definitely great but homemade lemonade has a special place in my heart during the summer months. last year laura discovered this recipe for frozen lemonade that is definitely a new favorite…it tastes just like that festival lemonade, you know, the frozen kind you get at fairs? oh so good. and what better way to repurpose mason jars then to use them for lemonade in the summer? i think i’ll need to compile all my favorite ways to use mason jars for another post…

these pretty pics from farflungfiance, martha, paperandcake & elizabethannedesigns

i’ll also be making these at some point this summer with extra scraps of paper…you can find the instructions here. so fun in lemonade, tea, smoothies…


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  1. Cara Maddox permalink
    August 27, 2010 6:30 pm

    gosh, I love that martha! Happy Friday to you little bird!

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