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photo & coffee on a saturday

October 9, 2010

have i shared with you guys my love for the bloggings of brian ferry? i am a fan of his perspective.

in 2008 he started this project where he took a photo each day and shared it on his blog. project 365. it was meant to encourage his own camera savvy and love of photography. it’s so interesting to see how his style of photography changes and along the way he shares tons of great recipes and food ideas. now, he lives in london, travels a lot and is constantly capturing the good things that make up his days – his friends, food, art, and the culture around him on film and digital. i love all of his photos. he has such a great eye to capture the simplest of things and create appreciation.

other good things? he frequently recommends listening playlists organized by themes (i’m a fan of themed playlists and am on a quest to have them for as many seasons, moods and circumstances as possible), some are listed here and others can be found throughout his posts. and he also tipped me off to 3191 miles apart. you need to check this out. it’s done by two friends living in portland, oregon and portland, maine who each blog on fridays. they started out years ago with a book called “a year of mornings” – each would take a photo capturing what their morning looked like every day for a year and compiled all the photos to compare in a book. they are great.

so thanks, brian and happy weekend…

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  1. Meg permalink
    October 11, 2010 9:46 am

    keelster. i LOVE this mug. it is especially jolly. can’t wait til we can sit all curled up at your mom’s house drinking tea and coffee with all your jolly mugs :) yes, all of them at once. haha! ps – love the fun websites. especially the fall aspects. it’s amazing how much you miss fall when you don’t really have it (no changing leaves or ingredients to make apple cider…but at least there’s pumpkins here!)

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