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bryanston organic market

November 10, 2010



anytime i’m joburg on a thursday or saturday i want to be at bryanston organic market. nothing like it exists in botswana, and it’s full of good coffee, organic foods and produce, natural cleaning and health products and sweet crafts, clothing and art. last week on our jozi trip, laura and i went on a thursday and after drinking my latte, discovering that poppies are one of my new favorite flowers, and eating a chocolate chip crossaint – we shopped. for four hours. her theme for the trip was “do everything you can’t do with kids” and mine was just “do awesome stuff” so being at bryanston for four hours definitely fits.

plus i got this great idea for a future DIY. the top photo was at this stall where a lady was selling vintage door knobs for all kinds of purposes. some she had handmade and glazed but others she had collected. like mason jars, these little guys can be used for so many things. she had even taken off the screw back and had hot glued magnetic squares to the back to create colorful vintage magnets. they could also be used in a suitcase turned vanity like this or like these wall hangers:



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  1. jtharp permalink
    November 11, 2010 1:49 am

    Bryanston!! We were there together just a few months ago. And get this: my desktop background is a photo of the pretty table flower from that little coffee shop. Twoths. (remember when you guys would say that all the time?) :)

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