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good finds

November 20, 2010

per my online christmas shopping extravaganza i bring you these eight great finds. prepare for awesome.

1. well-read pinhole camera, anthropologie // a pinhole camera made from a vintage hardback book

2. cool kids activity books, anthropologie // scribbles: a really giant drawing and coloring book, the colouring book, & play all day: a really giant book of punch-out-and-play games, toys, finger puppets, boxes and more

3. polaroid notes, urban outfitters // a box of 20 cards with a polaroid snapshot on the front with “a collection of dreamy, lady-like, vintage and nature-inspired themes”

4. record player for the wee ones, urban outfitters // a fisher price record player that “includes such hits as ‘farmer in the dell,’ ‘london bridge’ and ‘twinkle, twinkle little star'” … it’s legit.

5. books, mod cloth // various authors

the sartorialist, scott shuman // compiling his favorite photos from his portrait blog

penguin classics // i gave a couple of these books as gifts last year. they’re classics, which is great, but i also love the hardcover designs

home economics: vintage advice and practical science for the 21st centurey household, jennifer mcknight trontz // one of those neat books with a collection of tips on cleaning with natural products, shopping economically, keeping a garden, etc.

the exquisite book, julia rothman, jenny volvovski, and matt lamothe // this is neat. basically it’s a collaborative book where each artist creates a page of the book based on the page before theirs

6. games, urban outfitters // there is a special place in my heart for games of any kind

clue, the office edition // now i haven’t really been able to watch the office since i left the states, but who killed dwight in the conference room with nunchucks? come on.

rock ’em sock ’em robots // just because!

7. app magnets, urban outfitters // i don’t know that i would buy these for myself, but these magnets designed to look like iphone apps are kinda neat

8. the indie rock coloring book, yellow bird project // okay, this may easily be my favorite. yellow bird project is dedicated to finding creative opportunities to do good. they started by designing shirts for music artists that benefited their choice of charities. now they’re expanding into different projects. this book is a collection of hand-illustrated designs and activities dedicated to indie bands and artists like bon iver, broken social science, iron & wine, andrew bird and the shins.

“i like coloring books. i also like charity. so as you can imagine, i definitely like this!” russell lissack of bloc party

“this is the greatest coloring book since coloring was invented. i’ve decided to have kids just so i’ll have somebody to give this book to.” matt berninger of the national

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