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January 13, 2011


















the week our team was in lesotho we had the opportunity to visit four villages by horseback. there are no roads that go deep in the mountains, so the countless villages there are only accessible by horse or foot. in the morning we would set out, ride anywhere between 1-3 hours and eventually arrive at our destination.

many who live deep in the maluti mountains of lesotho are unable to read or write. we noticed there is definitely a younger generation, those still in school, who are slowly learning and practicing their english. but still many are illiterate in any language. for those who have decided to attend a church, who are required to walk for hours to do so, find that they are met by graceless rules and messages of christianity diluted by traditional religion and beliefs in evil spirits and ancestor worship. we often heard from those who are unable to read the Bible for themselves, that they go to priests to understand the Word of God. and priests themselves have fostered this idea by telling the basotho that they have no need to read the Bible. they are told to simply come to him and he will tell them what the Bible says and how they are to behave and what they should believe as truth. this has led to widespread misinterpretation of the Scriptures and a proclamation of many things that are not founded on the gospel.

in each village we visited we distributed a gift donated by others who were burdened by such a need. it’s called a proclaimer and essentially it is a small box that has a voice recording of the new testament in sesotho. on it’s top there are solar panels that enable constant recharge without electricity. pray with us that this tool will not hinder but help and support the spreading of God’s true Word. pray that His Word will impact the hearts of those who hear it. pray that God will raise up men and women who desire to know His Word and disciple others – leaders who are founded on truth and are not motivated by selfish ambition or gain. pray God will use this unique opportunity to expose false teachings. pray for those living deep in the villages of the maluti mountains.

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