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friday night

March 20, 2011
















friday was my last sms before heading back to the states. oh, the start of “the lasts”. . sms is our one-friday-a-month event on campus purposed to meet and connect with students at UB. an sms tends to have music, dancing, games, talking, meeting, and typically a group talk followed by small groups. . think {loosely} a young life club, if that helps.

continue to pray for the connections made at sms. pray for our student leaders. . that they would take intiative to engage the people around them and be able to really follow up with those connections. pray for marylyn, a student who natalie had connected with while studying the Bible with her roomate. friday she attended sms and afterward came to a few girls saying she desired to know and follow Jesus. pray she would know, truly believe, and hope in the gospel.

our next sms will be 15 april. . i’ll be in SA for our annual meeting but the students will be leading their final sms of the semester. pray also for our team as we begin to think and pray through who will be part of leadership team next semester. pray for andrew as he leads our students in direction and focus for this monthly time.

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