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well, i’m back

May 6, 2011

well guys, a week ago today i arrived in nashville after having been in botswana for two years. and the time of transition fest has officially begun! being back has been both great and tough…a pretty fair description of most things i’ve seen, felt and experienced. but right now i’m sitting on a beach in florida and am thankful for lots of timely rest, gracious and loving friends and family, and God’s kindness in it all. thanks for the welcome, america!

now…this blog. it all began as a way to stay connected while in africa, you know? well, A. that didn’t work out all that awesome and B. about 50% of the posts were actually about africa with genuine requests i shared for prayer and the other 50% were about pizza from scratch, star wars marathons or my love for thrifty mason jars and ukuleles. but it’s been my way to share some photos i like of moments i like with people i like. a habit i’ll keep for a while, i think…or at least for a week here and a week there…

thanks friends :)

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